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Greetings! The website puppylinux.com is owned and maintained by Barry Kauler, the creator of Puppy Linux.

Barry launched Puppy Linux in 2003 and coordinated its progress until late 2013, when Barry retired and gave control to the "Puppy community", a group of enthusiastic Puppy developers and testers.

Although there are still occasional updates to puppylinux.com, it is recommended to read this community-supported site for the latest information:


There are numerous releases of Puppy, created by Puppy-enthusiasts, however, the "official" releases are announced here:


There is a very active forum for discussing all things Puppy. Please note that this forum has a broad agenda, and discussion includes many sub-projects and Puppy-derivatives and forks:


For those who want to know about the technical side of Puppy, the inner workings, puppylinux.com (see entry link at bottom of page), has a lot of background technical detail.
For those who want to get involved in development, or create their own custom Puppy, look here:


Barry still has a "hand in" with Linux distro development, having created Quirky Linux in 2013, a fork of Puppy. Quirky is a venue for trying out new, and "quirky", ideas:


To enter the puppylinux.com website, please click here:

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