Precise Puppy 5.4.92 (5.5beta1)

This is the first beta release of the upcoming Precise Puppy 5.5.
The first alpha releases were 5.4.90 and 5.4.91.
The current official release is 5.4.3.

If you already have a version of Precise Puppy downloaded and installed, and you have limited download bandwidth, please see the "delta_files" folder -- look in the "Utility --> Xdelta file difference manager" menu entry (in your running Puppy) for information on what to do with delta files.

If you are running Precise Puppy and unsure how to upgrade, please read this:

Please see my blog for progress reports:


  1. Kernel 3.2.29, same as 5.4.x series. Keeping this as there are some 3rd-party drivers (PET packages) compiled for this kernel. Note, I plan to do an alternate build with the 3.8 kernel, soon.
  2. The theme was chosen at random, not intended to be in 5.5, but actually it doesn't look too bad!
  3. The Release Notes for 5.4.3 are here:

Barry Kauler
Feb. 20, 2013